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"All photography stops time in a single image."  You've probably heard that time and time again because it's true. Today we seem to be so consumed by gadgets we can hold in our hands, passing them from person to person to share a funny Facebook post or to share a photo. But a professional portrait or family picture should have a more permanent place.There’s nothing very exciting about having a beautiful image on your mobile phone or tablet - those are for email or games and other split-second distractions. Are your photos meant to be viewed for the 24 hour period that Facebook displays them before they are lost on your timeline? After that, you can scrounge up another photo, or snap another selfie to share, and send it into oblivion while the cycle just continues. 

Imagine instead, a beautifully custom-framed and mounted wall portrait that you walk by every day - it’s a reminder of love and appreciation. It might be the reason you stop for even just a slight moment and smile while everything around you is buzzing by at lightning speed. So what do you after your photoshoot if you don't want your, or your loved ones images to go up in a puff of Facebook smoke? Do you print them yourself, or order them through your photographer... me...(Vickie Resor Photograph or VRP). The difference between printing your own and ordering custom prints through VRP are several, but here are the two biggest differences to consider.

As a professional photographer, photos taken during a shoot are presented via an online gallery, and whenever possible directly to the client. These photos will have been corrected for white balance, exposure, and possibly a couple of other basic edits. Should the client decide that the digital images as they see them is what they want to purchase, the gallery files is what they will receive. A print release will be signed, meaning that any of the digitals can be printed in any medium (print, canvas, metal, etc.); however, NO physical changes can be made to the photograph as the copyright stays with VRP.

When prints are ordered through VRP, the digitals are further edited to compliment the material used to produce the final product. Wether you are ordering greeting cards or notices, canvas prints, metallics, a book, or any other form of a printed product, adjustments will be made in order to create the most stunning image that can be produced on that particular medium. Additionally,  the custom photo printing shop I use is a specialty lab where color calibration is taken to a whole new level in order to deliver perfection. The printing services found at corner drug stores, department stores, big box stores, and other such places, can't compete with that quality.

This can be said for any professional photographic service you commission. These are just a couple of things to consider as your view your proofs or your gallery. And if you want to know who these beauties are, stay tuned for my next blog post on shooting the Warren sisters in downtown Davidson, NC. 

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