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"I've Set My Intention." What?

A mentor said this to a group of photographers in my class at the beginning of the year (and no, she's doesn't teach yoga). Then she offered up some prompts to help us think through how this is done. Seemed to me that I was setting my intention everyday - just after my first cup of coffee. I set off and before I know it the day is gone! And guess what? Didn’t get it done. I play with my cameras and my lights, I try to replicate the lighting in one of the 100s of magazine images I’ve collected, of course I took the dog for a walk with his pack, maybe play some tennis or take a yoga class and suddenly, it’s late afternoon and time for dinner. Setting an intention for the day is not working so great for me. But that wasn’t what our mentor was talking about. Of course what you do daily is important, but she’s talking about what matters most to us and that we need to make our service better by working toward that intention. Why do we do what we do? And what makes us happiest. Whatever that is, ‘set your intention’ and go for it.

I thought I’d have to put a lot of time into this but I didn’t. It actually came very naturally to me. I want to photograph woman, mature woman, and moms in particular. It’s not ALL I want to photograph because I’ll shoot anything, but I find that this demographic is the most under-represented and at the same time the most grateful and excited when they see beautiful images of themselves that they couldn’t have imaged. THIS is my intention. To create images for woman of all ages, shapes and sizes that they will LOVE.

Book a date with me. You’ll come in with dresses and outfits that we talked about during our consultation (or you’ll borrow some of mine), your hair and nails will be clean and your skin moisturized. That’s it…we’ll do the rest here. My makeup artist and hairstylist will transform your look, and then we’ll play dress up and take some gorgeous pictures. You’ll come back a few weeks later for your image reveal.

I’m beginning to put together some material for a Mother’s Day campaign and have asked woman I know to help me build it. Here’s a sneak peek of two of them. These ladies are moms and they represent Grace, Strength and Confidence. Do you know someone who fits that bill? If so, think about gifting them something that they can love forever. A shoot with me! Of course!

Grace, Confidence & Strength

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