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Red, White & Bundled Baby Shower

Supporting NC Military Families

Who knew? I didn’t. I believe it all started because of craft beer. That’s right, beer. Somehow, in searching for the address to Bayne Brewery (for my Serve ’Aces League match…and for those who don’t know, it's Lake Norman Tennis Association’s Bar League), I found that if I’d donate a pint [of blood], I’d get a free pint [of beer]. Somewhere along my happy-click-road, I came to this event - The Red, White & Bundled Baby Shower, organized by Susan Tillis, wife of Senator Thom Tillis.

Those of you that know me, know that I have 4 grand babies and their dad has served for many years in the Army - his 1st deployment was just weeks after the wedding. So anytime that I see anything supporting our military families, I take a great interest - obviously, I CLICKED and I’m so glad I did. Take a look at the amount of donations and the spectrum of volunteers that came in to organize items, get them packed and ready to ship to Fort Bragg. Items ranged from diapers to homemade blankets and clothing. HOMEMADE! There was a length of 4 or 5 tables of homemade hats, socks, bibs, blankets, gorgeous quilts - truly remarkable how much love and care is put into these gifts. The volunteers range from children to seniors. And the seniors did the best job organizing while the children do what they do best, mess around! This after they helped, of course. "Let's see if I can let go of this bunch of balloons then jump to catch them". Yeah! Let's see! (you can see how that ended below).

I came in on the tail end of this year’s event but am committed to being involved in the future. If you are interested in future events, follow their FB page or @SusanTillis on Twitter, where I’m sure events benefiting our military families will be shared.

Taken directly from the group FB Page – Top Ten Reasons To Give

#10 - On average makes $21,000 a year

#9 - Frequent moves and deployments create financial difficulties

#8 - Frequently unaware of programs to assist them

#7 - Even when aware, do not seek assistance for fear it will reflect badly on them

#6 - Away from home without the support of family and hometown friends

#5 - Often deployed when their babies are born

#4 - Some lack the basic necessities to bring their babies home from the hospital.

#3 - May be the only baby gift they receive

#2 - Grass roots giving - know exactly how your dollars are spent, whether donating money or personally purchasing items

#1 Reason - Your gift will mean so much

"These men and women are fighting for our freedom. It seems the least we can do is to ensure a happy homecoming for their new babies." ~ Susan Tillis

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