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Photography Pricing Explained

When you work with a professional photographer, you are making an INVESTMENT. It starts with a sitting fee ranging between $100 and $300, which is standard. Some photographers may charge even more. Before you say to yourself, “OMG! I would never pay that! That’s ridiculous! I can do this (or the neighbor), myself!” Possibly, but let’s talk about what you get for that fee before you blow off the idea of a professional shoot. (I am describing my own business process below but you can use it to gain a general understanding of the professional photographers fee & delivery schedule.) Why do we call it an “Investment”?


Always ask what you get for the sitting fee! Not all sitting fees are equal. For example, my sitting fee for a portrait is $190. This includes full hair and makeup for the ladies and a $100 print credit. If you don’t need or want makeup, your sitting fee is $90. There is no print credit for the lower sitting fee. So, when you break it down, for $90 you are getting my time, professionally taken images with any variety of backdrops, lighting, and wardrobe changes discussed during the consultation. Additionally, after the shoot and in post-production:

• Each of the images is reviewed (and there can easily be more than 100), and a collection is selected based on specific criteria that the photographer has set as reflecting the best in the group. • Additional passes are made to each photograph to finish it using professional finishing tools like Lightroom, Photoshop, and various other tools we subscribe to. (Below is a “before and after’ that illustrates what happens in postproduction).

• The BEST of the best (according to my own criteria) is printed and a reveal session is scheduled so that the client can see and feel their images for themselves.


In my world, you BUY ONLY WHAT YOU LOVE. You are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything. Essentially, the pressure is on me. It’s up to me to photograph you in a way that will produce the most beautiful images of yourself you’ve ever seen and that you LOVE. My wall portraits start at $95 for an 8x10. So what exactly do you get for $95? When you buy just ONE, or a collection of images in a package, you are purchasing the digital image and a full release. What does that mean? That means that the digital image is delivered to you directly and you have the right to reproduce that image any way you want, and as many times as you want. It’s yours! If you want 5 prints of the same image to give as gifts, you only pay for the digital once. Of course, I’m happy to print and sell you the additional 4 but you don’t have to print them through me. You can go anywhere with the digital and have it printed. That said, I would urge you to be careful because there is a difference in photographic paper but that’s a different topic and you can easily understand the difference by asking Google. Note that the digital for an 8x10 will be exactly that. Larger images will cost more as the resolution requirement change.

As shot & post-production finishing

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