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Own your own story. Exist in photographs. You are after all, a Masterpiece.

I'll shoot anything or anyone. (It's OK, I'm a photographer)

I'm so excited. I feel like it's taken me years to get here...here, to this point and time where I have finally arrived! Beginning tomorrow, I am officially a photographer for hire! A very cheap hire I might add since I'm basically a newbie.

Ever since I was laid off from corporate America a few years ago, I have been spinning, many times uncontrollably, looking for...something. What? I didn't know but I knew I needed something to feed my soul. Many reading this may have already been here or ARE here now. You've worked for many many years, your kids are grown, gone, and working on the canvas of their own life and here you (I) am.  What's next?

I'll not bore you with details but I will tell you that I got a Black Labrador puppy - 6 weeks old! CRAAAAZY, I know! I don't have to tell you how busy he (Jake) is keeping me. All the while, and over the last several years dipping my toe in one thing, then the other in something else, I've been shooting photos of everything. I shoot everything - anything and anybody. This makes me happy.

Capturing a moment in time. Capturing that special or funny moment; capturing a reflection of nature or of a human in thought, is exhilarating for me. I especially like to capture these moments in children, the elderly and in our pets. These particular groups don't have the inhibitions that others may have so their expressions can be caught so very naturally. 

Tomorrow, I'll be shooting a very large family's yearly reunion. I know that family and can't wait to see what sort of shenanigans I'll be catching with my camera. Ages will range from the very young to grandparents - I'm really looking forward to it! 

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