An Afternoon Photoshoot in Davidson NC - Vickie Resor Photography

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Monday, Jan 9th we were snowed in under 4" of snow. Yes, you read that correctly. Just in case you are reading this and you are not familiar with the NC weather patterns and our reaction to the white stuff, 4" of snow wreaks havoc in the areas east of the Appalachians. So it's a good thing that our photoshoot was not scheduled until Thursday of the same week because in was near 70 degrees in the afternoon. Doesn't that sound crazy? It does, by here in NC, there's a saying that "if you wait 10 minutes, the weather will change." It was a bit sunnier than a photographer would like but a gorgeous day to be out, nonetheless.

I had not shot in downtown Davidson NC expect for the occasional photo with family or friends, This time, I had two beautiful young woman (sisters) to photograph so I had a plan. Our first stop, which was a last minute add, was at the top of the JJ Wade & Associates offices. I took a chance stepping inside and asking the receptionist if, by chance, she would know if and how we could get to the balcony to take some photographs. She was extraordinarily kind, made a phone call and before we knew it Mr. Jay Wade introduced himself and welcomed us to their awesome balcony!

We walked the few blocks that is Davidson North Carolina after leaving JJ Wade and passed the Summit Coffee House, Davidson College,  and other downtown stores on our way to Depot Street and The Rumor Mill, shooting picture after picture on our way. It was huge fun and I hope I get many more chances to shoot in the area. It may only be a few short blocks but it pack with  color, texture and character to capture. Enjoy the pictures.

A special Thank you to JJ Wade & Associates, The Village Store, Flatiron Kitchen & Taphouse, Sanctuary of Davidson, the South Main Street Sweet Shop, all for allowing us to use their store fronts, sit on their benches or shoot at their office or in their stores! I hope to see you all again...soon!

An Afternoon Photoshoot in Davidson NC

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