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Own your own story. Exist in photographs. You are after all, a Masterpiece.

Manage Your Brand

Do your marketing images speak to your brand?

Does your headshot capture who you are?

Call me for a shoot consultation so that we can custom design a shoot specifically for you.

Corporate Headshot

  • Lee Kieffer Headshot_Final1-8340
  • Yost, Elise-6095

Personal Branding


How do we prepare?

The first step is a consultation. Basic headshot or Personal Branding?  We'll talk about how you want to be photographed. What's the story that you want your images to say about you? 

Headshot...Personal Branding...what's the difference?

Everything we do and say has an impact on how others ‘see’ us. A personal brand is a reflection of our character, skills, talents and passions in life and how they are perceived by those around us. The human brain is a visual instrument. From the 35,000 remotely conscious decisions that we make each day, hundreds of them are driven by visual cues.

If you’re running an online business or building an online portfolio, high-quality, authentic photography will play a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand. It’s one of the most effective ways to enhance your positioning as an expert and instantly connect with your readers or customers. The style your photos are shot in, the clothes you wear and your facial expressions will also influence people’s perceptions of you, so I make sure we put enough thought into our shoot plan. Great-looking photography will give your brand another layer of trust and appeal.

Where will we shoot?

We can shoot on-location or in studio. When we shoot in studio, we have better control of the light and can be more creative in what we produce. For example, if you are a personal trainer and want to shoot images that show your beautifully chiseled body, we'll want to use light as well as negative fill to emphasize those guns! If however, you are a travel blogger, we'll probably want to spend a cloudy afternoon outside at different locations shooting you in a variety of scenes. Lastly, we can always shoot inside with props and light modifiers for a softer, friendly and more inviting look.

What is the cost and what is included with the shoot?

Basic Headshot packages start at $150 and include 1 digital image. A Personal Branding shoot starts at $350. I usually allow 2-3 hours for this shoot to move around on location and have several wardrobe changes. I also offer e-magazines on request. You tell me what you want or need, and we can create a package that is perfect for you.

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