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Why "Investment" and not "Fee"?

Most think of an "Investment" in terms of stocks or bonds or some other vehicle that will grow your money over time. So why do photographers use the term instead of "fee", or "price"?

Meriam-Webster defines “invest” as – “to make use of for future benefits or advantages” also “to involve or engage especially emotionally”. The Oxford dictionary defines “investment” as.’ “A thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future.”

When you hire a professional photographer, you are hiring a sort of personal historian, aren't you? Someone to document, visually. Is this something 'worth buying because it may be…useful in the future”? YES! Will it increase in value or time? YOU BET IT WILL!  If you have a image of your baby, your child, mother, father, grandparent - do those images increase or decrease in value over time?

An image made on a moment 20-30 years ago, captured will become invaluable over time. Especially when the loved ones in those pictures are no longer around. Your senior year in high school is a unique period in your life and those mages will only increase in value as you grow older. Your family changes and you'll want to remember your children as they were at certain periods in their lives.

Are these professional made images more valuable or less in the future? This investment grows more valuable over time so that certainly constitutes an investment. So, when you are considering making an investment, will mediocre do? Nope, it won't. This is why you hire a professional photographer and make the investment

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