The Lifestyle Photoshoot - Vickie Resor Photography

My personally stylized photo session create gorgeous portraits - legacy images for you and those you love, FOREVER.

You might be asking, what is a lifestyle photoshoot? Lifestyle is a form of photography that is a departure from the traditional scenes and staged poses that we typically hire a photographer to capture. A lifestyle photoshoot captures people in their natural spaces and most candid moments—either individually or in their interactions with others.

Lifestyle shooting has always been around; we just don’t see it very often. While there is a place for conventional photos, lifestyle photography departs from the predictable, in order to give you a genuine reflection of a moment-in-time. The very images that will stand the test of time.

When you look through a lifestyle photo-shoot project, the goal is to make you feel as if you were there, in the scene. From the photos, do you feel what you see? Do they evoke an emotion? If so, then the photographer has delivered. Those photographed may appear imperfect; but in their natural state, they cannot be more perfect.

This shoot is of my own family—my daughter Brandi, and her four children as they, along with my son, descend on their grandmother, aunt and uncle in Davis, CA.

Let me know what you think of the project. Personally, I look at these and I see the reality and spirit of my family... it's also pretty obvious what my daughter's super-power is. As the day wears on though, there's only so much even a strong young mother can take before she succumbs to a body begging for rest. (that's my favorite photo). I welcome your comments below. Enjoy. (And no, not all were meant to be black & white. I tossed a few color photos in where the color felt better.)

If you are interested in capturing moments like this for your own family, let me know.

A Visit from The McCormick's - Davis, CA. December 2016

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