Sometimes, I just shoot for the fun of it. - Vickie Resor Photography

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Sometimes, I just shoot for the fun of it.

Actually, a LOT of times I just shoot, for the fun of it. 

Shooting on a golf course has never been something I've wanted to do but, there was a tournament going on, it's close, the weather was going to be cloudy on and off (that's a good thing), and I had nothing else to do.

I found two types of golfers out this day - those that were having a good golf day and welcomed the sound of the shutter and a chance to pose, and others shuttered at the site of me! But you know what? After a few vodka soaked gummy bears, it's all good!

Enjoy the shots. I've no idea who these gentleman are...except for one. 

2017 June Northstone Golf Tournament

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