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Mom's Newborn Baby Girl

The big question for me these days is...actually there are two; a) what is my passion and b) what's my style?. Style is something this is developed so I've got to continue working on that but passion, or what it is that my heart is pulling me to photograph, is becoming quite clear to me. While I love to shoot anything and everything (and I'm not kidding...I'll photograph a rock if I think there's an element of 'coolness' to it) but, little kids - babies especially, animals and super-old folks are calling me. are wondering how I define the 'super-old' because that could be subject to interpretation, right? I define the super-old as no longer having the ability to advocate for themselves, their wishes & well-being. We need to take good care of them and make sure that they feel loved and cared for until they are no longer with us. When photographing a person of advanced age, their eyes alone if captured by the photographer and his/her camera, can tell you a story. The wrinkles in their faces are telling of the life they've lived and things they have seen and experienced that you and I will never know. Old people are really interesting. If you do't know one, I'd make it a point to get to know one.

So the common theme across these groups are, of course, a certain degree of vulnerability as each need love, care and understanding. Not that other living things don't have those needs but this particular group is specifically vulnerable - I'm sure you would agree. They also have a story to tell and as a photographer, its my goal to try and capture that story. 

I hope that you can see the story as you pursue through the photographs I'm sharing on my blog today.  I expect that my 'story-telling' will get better as I grow into the least that's my goal! Enjoy these photos of a new first time mom and her beautiful baby girl, Charlotte. 

Baby Charlotte

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