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#MakeAMess I was recently in CA and had the opportunity to shoot a LOT. One of my planned shoots was specifically for a photography challenge. The challenge was to make a mess. Well, that sounded like way too much fun to NOT take part in so I recruited my niece Camryn, who is a beautiful young lady that has been dancing for years. What could more beautiful than asking her to leap into the air in many different beautiful positions, then take a blast of fluorescent blue Holi powder?

Here are a few of the shots from that afternoon. It looks easy but we practiced for quite a while the day before on both the leaps that would be best, and of course, the powder throwing. When the actual time to shoot arrived, my practiced powder tosser became unavailable so Camryn’s little brother had to step in. I can’t tell you how much fun it was for Dylan to cover his sister in the Holi powder! In the end, there was little left so yep, a Holi Powder fight ensued! Enjoy.

(Holi powder shoots are a lot of fun for kids birthday parts, engagement photos, or just plain family fun. Made from flour, cornstarch and food coloring, it’s totally safe.)

Camryn's Holi Powder Shoot

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