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Have Camera, Will Shoot!

One of the byproducts of being a photographer is that you ALWAYS want to shoot something. And because we always want to shoot something, we generally have our cameras with us. They are heavy and clunky but you know what? We don't care! The reason for that should be obvious - you never know what might come across. 

Yesterday, I happen to be at Fisher Farm Park in Davidson taking some random shots while letting my Lab stretch his legs. On one of our loops, we came across a large group of young men preparing to take on the parks bike trails. They were high energy, excited (to be away from school, no doubt) and I could sense that some fun goofing around was going on so, why not ask them to pose for me? 

I'd like to thank this group of biker from nearby Lake Norman Charter school for being agreeable. I think we got a great shot. What do you think?

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