A girl and her rescue - pure JOY - Vickie Resor Photography

My personally stylized photo session create gorgeous portraits - legacy images for you and those you love, FOREVER.

One of the awesome things about taking up photography is the constant flow of different people that come to you for services. Sometimes it's a simple headshot for LinkedIn, or it's a quick family shot for a holiday card, a senior shoot, etc. Then, there's the shoot with the completely unpredictable model - and I don't mean kids! (Although, they too can be a bit unpredictable.) I'm talking about a shoot with a pet.

Like working with children, I'm completely convinced that the greatest images come from unpredictable moments. You try your best to set up the shot but sometimes you just have to go with whatever you can get. Here are just a few shots of these companions. Joy is a rescue, and wow is she a lucky girl! Both girls for that matter are lucky! Clearly, their relationship comes through in these images - pure, unconditional JOY and LOVE here. 

And, what could make this shoot even better? The proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish foundation through the "Pictures for Wishes" fundraiser organized by Mr. Ted Borath. I've committed to do four (4) shoots for them so stay tuned for more. See the entire shoot here.

Connie & Joy

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