Gift Ideas - Vickie Resor Photography

My personally stylized photo session create gorgeous portraits - legacy images for you and those you love, FOREVER.

Be Unique. Gift a Photo Package

Getting the right gift can often times be difficult - and the closer you get to that special date or holiday, stressful. It doesn't have to be - chose photography.

An image is a MEMORY; a Legacy. But that's not all. Sometimes we struggle, especially with recent graduates or maybe a career milestone party is around the corner so what do you get for that special occasion? A photo session, of course! Headshots should be updated yearly; personal branding is critical in the virtual world!

The options are many and the sweetest part is that it's a CUSTOM gift that can be shaped by the receipt. 

Your gift comes ready in this beautiful pillow box and the recipient can schedule their shoot at their convenience. 

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