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Own your own story. Exist in photographs. You are after all, a Masterpiece.

"There is no such thing as 'A long time ago'. There are only memories that mean something and memories that don't."

- Stallone in THIS IS US.

I'm a wife, a mother AND a Nana. I was raised in 'the valley' and grew up riding the bus system through Los Angeles and to Santa Monica on the weekends as a teen - it was totally safe! I've learned to appreciate the value of photographs as they remind me of times past. Some, more than others, I treasure. But don't forget yourself as everyone deserves an image of themselves they love. I've also enjoy helping people communicate their personal brand through imaging. Whether you are an actor or model, a recent graduate or a seasoned entrepreneur, a professionally made image can make a real difference for you.

Picture you LEGACY; Manage your BRAND. I invite you to experience a photo session with me. We'll design a shoot to your specific personality, style or brand.

Check out my blog for insight on some of my photos/shoots.




First things first - I'm a portrait photographer. I LOVE a face...all faces; human faces, dog & cat faces, fish faces, even a pancake face. I'll shoot anything and anyone looking to create their legacy by persevering moments in time. 

I have some general session information on my Investment & Gift Certificate page you can review. I don't set a shoot time limit as a rule. I'll shoot until I feel like I've captured the goal of the session. And I love a lifestyle shoot! If you are not familiar with that, you can see one here.

Everyone deserves a gorgeous picture of themselves that they love (yes, I am repeating this because it's true.) Especially, during those prime-time years when your days drag along and the years fly by. You know who you are...the Mom. You've spent YEARS photographing your children - what is being left for them to cherish?

PICTURE your legacy.

Call me today and let's get to work on it.

Corporate Headshots

2017 Jan 31_Denise Heicken Final-8383

CVs and other written content on paper or the web are critical, but they are sterile - a collection of words describing your specific skills, experience and talent. We all know those are not always written by the applicant or service provider. An image however, taken specifically to communicate personality traits, tells its own story in a much more intimate way.

Headshots translates straight into the virtual world and like it or not, potential employers WILL google you, and they WILL search your Facebook. Those first impressions can be greatly affected by the quality of your photo.

Whether it's power and confidence, creativity, customer-service (just to name a few),  I can help you translate those strengths into your headshot. COMFORTABLE CONFIDENCE. Come get yours!

Personal & Corporate Branding


Whether you are a recent college graduate looking for the first real world opportunity, or a seasoned entrepreneur, it is critical that you manage your brand, especially in a world consumed by social media. If you can only choose ONE thing to improve your brand, the brand you project to the world,  it should be a visual.

Everything we do and say has an impact on how others ‘see’ us. Take advantage of the visual nature of the human brain by managing you brand! Your personal brand is a reflection of your character, skills, talents and passions and how they are perceived by those around us. 

Branding headshots may be shot in studio or at various locations. Use these to create career marketing tools that will make the true YOU shine, and leave them wanting more.

Together, we will design and plan the shoot for you.

Yost, Elise-6119-2

Contemporary Glamour

Picture your legacy.

Everyone deserves to have photographs of themselves that they LOVE. There is no reason why adulthood, or motherhood, should mean we stop existing in beautiful images.

I invite you to experience a photo shoot with me. We'll design it to fit your personality with hair styling and make-up included. We'll have loads of fun, VERY likely drink some champagne and snack on sweets, as I guide you through a shoot resulting in images that you will share with your family and friends and treasure for a lifetime. 

Come yourself or make it a girls afternoon. Weekends are always best as you'll be left feeling confident, empowered and gorgeous. The perfect ingredients for a fun night out.


Qualls Family-18

"We thoroughly enjoyed both photo shoot experiences with Vickie. We first did an outdoor family photo shoot. We had never done anything like this before so really had no idea what we wanted. Vickie put everyone at ease and had great ideas for pictures. She has a great eye for what will make a unique and pretty picture. We liked what we got so well the first time that I scheduled some additional senior portraits for my daughter.

Again, Vickie had great ideas for backgrounds and poses. We are thrilled with our experience. I would definitely have Vickie take our photos again and most certainly recommend her."

-Elizabeth Q

Connie White_Joy-63

"Vickie did a great job capturing the moments shared between a girl and her dog. The shoot itself was a lot of laughter and relaxed atmosphere. I'd recommend her to any friend looking for a photographer in the Huntersville/Lake Norman area."

- Connie & Joy

Lee Kieffer Headshot_Final1-8340

"Vickie has a keen eye for capturing the uniqueness of each of her subjects. She immediately puts you at ease so you are relaxed and natural in front of the camera."

- Robin U.

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